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Exceed expectations. To our minds that's what we need to do for you. In a comfortable, understated way. Deliver food that surprises, perhaps even delights. Food that is delivered with minimum fuss, but maximum care. And a smile. It's a description that's not only fits Brasserie on the Bay but is equally appropriate for Chef Callum Tasker.

Callum has developed his own distinctive style of cuisine. Broadly British but with clear influences from French and Italian cuisine. His philosophy is to let the wonderful local ingredients 'sing for their supper' rather than serving overly complicated or fussy dishes. Hence he prefers his cooking to be described as 'very good' rather than 'fine'. Our diners would appear to agree also adding 'excellent' and 'outstanding' to their descriptions too. We hope you'll agree. Bon Appétit.

Eat, drink and be merry

Not that we're advocating anything in excess, but we do find a glass or two of something can add to the enjoyment of your meal! So we've put a lot of thought working with our suppliers sourcing wines that combine quality and value for money. Personally we see no point in having wine gather dust on a shelf, we'd rather they were enjoyed! Accordingly you'll find our higher end offerings very good value for money.


An aperitif to start
Diners at the Brasserie have the added benefit of being able to relax and enjoy a drink before, or indeed after their meal, in either of our cosy lounges. With our bar again you'll find a common theme there too of supporting local distillers and brewers wherever possible. Hence an ever growing selection of local gins!

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